‘Walking Dead’ meets ‘Deadpool’ in video, makes zombie apocalypse fun

Photo via AMC

What’s one way to make the zombie apocalypse in “The Walking Dead” seem like a good time? Switch out the audio for the dialogue in “Deadpool.”

YouTube user AFK Anthony posted his own mashup of the two fan-favorites on July 7, taking the footage of a “TWD” trailer and combining it with the audio from the comic-book hero movie. We get to see Rick Grimes and the crew walk their typical walk through the valley of the shadow of death but this time with some DMX playing in the background.




Video shows ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailers then and now

Youtube user Jace Diehl compared the animated and live-action trailers for “Beauty and the Beast.” Photo via Jace Diehl/Youtube.

The tale as old as time proves its timelessness in the new live-action trailer for “Beauty and the Beast.” But how does it compare to the 1991 animated trailer?

The answer is: beautifully.

Youtube user Jace Diehl created a clip-by-clip comparison of the two trailers, showing just how similar the upcoming new film is to the old one. From the opening shots of Beast’s castle to the text saying “Be Our Guest,” the trailers’ similarities are pretty thrilling.

Even actor Josh Gad, who will play LeFou, shared the video on his Facebook.