Netflix unveils ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival release date plus new clip


It’s official: the whimsical world of Stars Hollow will be back November 25.

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That’s right, today Netflix unveiled the much-anticipated release date for the “Gilmore Girls” four-part revival. The show, which comes nearly ten years after the last episode of the original series, will be available for streaming on Netflix.

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Accompanying the release date, fans were also given a short clip of the upcoming show featuring Lorelai and Rory sitting in their familiar kitchen having a chat. Though it’s a little strange hearing the Gilmore girls discuss Amy Schumer and John Oliver, it’s good to see the characters in action.


Rory Gilmore and Michelle Obama talk books, LitWorld, Pop-Tarts

Photo via Gilmore Girls/Facebook.

When the original series of “Gilmore Girls” ended in 2007, everyone’s favorite bookworm Rory Gilmore was on her way to follow Barack Obama’s campaign as a political reporter.

Fast-forward nine years and “Gilmore Girls” fans are excitedly waiting for the Netflix four-episode revival titled “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Though we know the series will premiere in the fall, no exact air date has been released, leaving fans desperate for any look into the “Gilmore Girls” world — including a recently released two-minute clip of Rory stopping by Michelle Obama’s office.

Rory begins by bringing in a pile of books to keep FLOTUS entertained on her trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain for her Let Girls Learn initiative. In classic Rory fashion, she suggests “a little Proust,” “Moby Dick” and “Anna Karenina.” And though Lorelai is nowhere to be seen, she left Rory with a gift for Obama — a box of blueberry Pop-Tarts.