‘Battalion’ says Texas A&M students drink more Starbucks than any other campus in America

America may run on Dunkin’, as the slogan goes, but according to an article in The Battalion, Texas A&M University runs on Starbucks.

In this Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, photo, Starbucks holiday cups appear on display at a store in New York. (AP Photo/Joseph Pisani)
In this Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, photo, Starbucks holiday cups appear on display at a store in New York. (AP Photo/Joseph Pisani)

A recent story in the school’s student newspaper examining the increased intake of campus caffeine consumption around finals week found that the university’s three Starbucks locations sell 119 gallons of coffee a day. That’s the equivalent of 1,270 cups of tall-sized (12 ounce) cups of coffee.

The Battalion even made an infographic out of their findings:

The Battalion.
The Battalion.

Assistant director of Chartwells dining services Ben Walters said that number places A&M’s Starbucks locations first in revenue among college campus spots in the country.

“At the Hullabaloo location we do about 700 transactions a day,” Walters told The Battalion. “At Starbucks Evans, they do close to 2,000 and the Corps store being close to 1,000.”

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And according to Walters, A&M students are consuming more and more caffeine as finals week draws near.

“We’re seeing more of, ‘I’ll have drip coffee with shots of espresso’ or, ‘Iced coffee with espresso in it.’ We’re constantly having people ask us how to get more caffeine,” he said.

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Recently, Texas A&M health researchers released an infographic that listed eight reasons to quit drinking coffee. Among the reasons were increased stress hormones, which may not help when you’re cramming for that biology final.

But, no matter how much coffee Texas A&M students drink, Austinites can rest assured that they still live in Texas’ most caffeinated city (at least, according to WalletHub).



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