Here’s everything coming and going from Netflix in September


Say adios to summer and welcome a whole new batch of Netflix additions coming in September.

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

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A few days ago. the streaming site announced everything that’s coming and going next month and it seems like a pretty good trade-off.

So what will you be able to watch from the comfort of your home in no time? First off, “Jaws.” And we’re talking all four of them. Other ’80s classics include “Footloose” and “Top Gun.”

More recent films include 2004’s “Crash,” “Saving Private Ryan,” Academy Award-winning “The Imitation Game” and the animated hit “Zootopia.” Those are just scratching the surface so you should check out Entertainment Weekly’s full list here.

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Everything comes at a price so of course we have to say goodbye to a few big films. Leaving Netflix will be “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “A Walk to Remember” and “Zoolander.” You can check out the rest of the list here. 

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