Prom season brings increasingly raised expectations for high schoolers


Cedar Ridge High School students smile brightly before the school prom on May 9, 2015 in Austin.
Cedar Ridge High School students smile brightly before the school prom on May 9, 2015 in Austin.

Promposal season is here.

For those unfamiliar with the word, the top definition in Urban Dictionary says it is “a proposal from one person asking another person to the prom; is the combination of the words ‘prom’ and ‘proposal.'” Short and to the point, but it fails to include the wide range of how elaborate promposals can be.

Artist BOY CHAD posted a video to his Facebook page captioned “THIS IS HOW YOU ASK A GIRL TO PROM 😍😍❤.” He offers no other descriptors; the people in the video are unnamed but represent the phenomenon that has been expanding since the word was coined: asking someone to prom in the most elaborate fashion possible.

Starting with the crown to walking down a red carpet with rose petals scattered on it and ending with the boy ripping his way through a large sheet of butcher paper, this obviously took a lot of time and coordination. But this is only one example of the race to make the most memorable request of a person’s life.

BOY CHAD can’t take credit for this video, as it appears on other Twitter accounts. And if you search Twitter for “promposal,” many, many tweets pop up:

He even got a vintage-esque couch involved for this.

OK, actually very on board with goats.


Cute pun, pretty serious intentions for a promposal. I’ll roll with it.

The makeup alone cost $293, without tax. “Spoil your girl” seems like an understatement.

Sometimes a pun is more than enough.

There’s only one month left to impress someone into agreeing to go to prom with you. But, more importantly, there’s still time to impress Whataburger.

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